Weekly Stock Car

19 Racers show up for Summertime Friday Night Racing!

19 racers, and a couple different families were at the track this past Friday night for some Nascar racing. The raceway was PACKED with people!

The amateur group raced an 11 person round robin which included new racers Nick Powell, Curtis Hardy, and 6 year old Bradley Nelson who is Mark and Cora’s Nephew.

Jim Nelson, and Keith Bare each took turns leading the race early on, but it was Mike Wilson who just started racing in the last month or 2 taking the lead after the third segment, and leading the rest of the way. Keith finished in the runner up spot, and Jim Nelson took third place. Personally, I had a great time being the sticker guy for Piper Clark during this race!! This group is still growing, and I would not be surprised to see somewhere around 15 amateurs on any given Friday night.

The expert group had a full field of 8 racers, including Bill Clemans who hasn’t raced much in the last year. Anybody looking to improve their driving skills, take a look at how Clemans navigates his way through a race!

Congrats to David Parsons who won the race in a tight duel with Lee Gilbert. These racers were separated by just a 1/3 of a lap at the end. Lenny Strand finished in the 3rd spot, just 2 laps back. The top six racers were within 8 laps of the winner this week!!

Racing continues this Friday night (as always) at 7pm. If anyone needs any help getting their cars up to speed, all expert racers are willing to help in anyway that they can.

See you Friday at the track!!!