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Frank Robertson places 3rd in first expert division race, Mike Wilson Wins Amateur Division

15 racers made it to the track last night for the weekly Friday night Nascar races on the Twister. A full field of 8 amateurs took to the track to start the night. With Frank Robertson moving up to the expert division, there are going to be some really good battles for wins in the coming weeks.

Piper Clark led the after the first segment having run a clean heat, which gave her a 2 lap lead. Once the rest of the field settled down, Mike Wilson raced his way to the front of the pack. Robert Hanlen ran a great race this week, but just couldn’t quite get close enough to apply much pressure to the leader. Finishing in the third spot was Piper who continues her streak of podium finishes.

The expert class has a new member as Frank has clearly shown he is ready for this class. The story this week is how much success the 2 newest racers to this class are having. David Parson joined this group about 6 weeks ago and continues to get closer and closer to winning one of these races. He finished a very competitive 2nd place. Frank finished in the third spot with a very solid run. I was able to win the race.