Weekly Stock Car

Tim Burgess Wins Thrilling Expert Nascar Race

7 racers made up the field for tonight’s expert Nascar race. 5 racers ended up running 290+ laps. Usually 290 gets you right in the mix for the win, this week it was good for 5th place!

Jim Alden has always ran consistent races, and this week he found some speed in his car to go along with his consistency. While running in second place just a lap off the lead in the 5th segment, a mechanical issue took him out of the race. Jim works hard on his cars, and he had one of the cars to beat for sure!

An exciting 8th and final segment determined the outcome of this race. Tim Burgess, who had climbed all the way up from 6th place found himself just a 1/4 lap behind leader Lee Gilbert. Timmy would finish up on White, and Lee on Black. Now if you race at the track weekly, and pay a little attention to tendencies and patterns you will likely come to the conclusion that Tim has to like his chances to make up a quarter lap on the White lane. But it’s not going to be easy at all, as he is trying to run down Lee Gilbert, who once he gets the lead rarely lets go of it.

Power was turned on, and Tim was creeping up on Lee ever so slightly as the segment progressed. After pulling along side Lee at the halfway point of the segment another racer had to stop to fix some body damage at the exit of the lead on. This caught Tim by surprise and caused him to crash! Race over right? Nope, determination drove Timmy back to the front and around Lee to take the win. Lee finished second, and Chris Alden in third place. A fantastic race between 2 really good slot car racers!!