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10 Year Old Piper Clark Wins Nascar Amateur Race!

A solid field of 6 racers made up the amateur field tonight. Jumping out to the early lead was Piper Clark on Red lane. She was pressured for the lead all race by Jim Nelson, and Mike Wilson.

These are tough races, not only do you have to manage traffic, but you have to push pretty hard to stay in the mix for the win. Mike was able to take the lead after segment 6, which set up a great battle for the win between these 2 racers. mike would finish up on Purple and Black, and Piper on Orange and White. I was impressed with the way Piper handled losing the lead, she knew that her race was going to end on better lanes, and there was no loss of confidence. By the end of the 7th segment she drove back to the lead and was able to hold on for the win with an impressive lap total of 278.75 laps. That also beat her own personal distance record by 6 laps. Mike finished second, and I believe Jim was 3rd.

Great turnout for this class, there were a couple racers missing that we would all like to see back soon!!

Series racing is this Saturday at 1pm. Don’t forget, if you usually come for just LMP, there is a new class we run called DTM which is run right after the LMP race. All that you have to do is pin the DTM body on your LMP chassis and go race!