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Lee Gilbert Picks Up Expert Nascar Win

10 racers made up the expert field this week. Literally anyone in this group can win on any given night. The field was loaded with really good slot car racers. This might not be the best race report that was ever written because truthfully it’s hard to remember everything that happened during the race. There is an issue loading the race results so I don’t have that to fall back on.

What I do remember is Lee Gilbert easily handling us throughout most of the race. There was a cluster of us including myself, Jim Radford, Tim Burgess, Jim and Chris Alden all really close together throughout most of the race battling for second place. I know Chris had some problems as the race wound down which took him out of contention. I finished 2nd ahead of Jim this week. Timmy was right behind us. Lee brought his A game and won by 3 laps which might not seem like much, but as close as we all run together it is. The rest of us were more like B+/A- and that is not going to be nearly good enough.

I would really like to see guys like Tom Hansen, Dale Olive and others come back to join this group. Talk about a tough race to try and win if you included those 2 in the mix.

Series racing this Saturday at 1pm. Lee has not been beat with the current car he is running in LMP. Challenge accepted!