Weekly Stock Car

Expert Nascar Race Comes Down To The Final Seconds

6 racers this week in the expert group saw 5 lead changes in a back and forth battle between myself and Bill Clemans. Leonard Strand was just behind us keeping pressure on the entire race.

Bill is the type of racer who gets the absolute most out of his cars. I’ve seen him limp into A mains and win, and I’ve seen him win the overall race from the B main many times. Then there are days when he has a good car, and dominates a race. In my opinion, our track has some really good racers. I would argue Bill is the best of the bunch as a driver.

Coming into the final segment, I had a 1/3 of a lap lead on Bill. I was finishing up on Blue, and Bill on Red. I felt completely comfortable with that much of a gap, and thought to myself that I would just run the clock out and win the race! Within the first minute I realized I better pick up the pace a bit as Bill is starting to show up in my peripheral vision. Its not time to panic as all the pressure is still on him. Halfway through the segment its obvious that its time to go, as he will run me down by the end of the segment. Just as I was ready to push 100 percent, he went into the dead man just a bit too deep and came off. If Bill has a weakness as a driver I don’t know what it is. He is one of a few that will use any lane on the track to run you down, or extend his lead.