Weekly Stock Car

Piper Clark Comes From Behind To Win

A great field of 6 amateur racers took to the track for some Friday night Nascar racing this week. Piper Clark led the first 3 segments before being chased down and passed by expert racer Mark Nelson. (Mark has been away for awhile, so he is getting his trigger finger back in shape with the amateur group).

Sometimes when you are run down and passed by another competitor the wheels can start to fall off a little bit, but Piper hung in there and waited for lane advantage to make her move! If your going to play the lane advantage game, you have to make sure to hold your own when your at a disadvantage, and that’s exactly what she did. Piper is starting to develop a liiitle bit of race craft, and patience paid off for her in this race as she was able to take the lead back from Mark in the final segment and win the race. Mark finished second, and Curtis ended up third fighting a somewhat ill handling car.