Weekly Stock Car

Race Results For 8/23

Car count has been a little light the past few weeks which can be expected with the near perfect Summer weather in the PNW.

TQ this week was Bill Clemans at a 4.40, which is really moving around the Twister. Mr. Clemans jumped out to an early lead after turning 40 laps on Purple lane to start his race. I made a mistake on White lane driving too deep into the deadman which put me behind by a lap.

A racer of Bill’s caliber will make you pay for a mistake like that. Fortunately for me I was able to take advantage of a little bad luck to fall Bill’s way and win the race. We have been nudging up against the track record in the past few weeks. However, the track record was set during a 12 person expert round robin race. Lately we have been running mains with 4 or 5 people in each main which makes it much easier to achieve high lap totals.