The Flats

American Flat Track Worlds This Weekend!!

Friday night is the opening race for the “Flats” starting at 7pm with the Nascar class. Increased car counts, and the chance to race with racers that you don’t see every week makes for some fun racing! Qualifying is usually really close, making it tough to get in the A main. Speaking of qualifying, I think there is a good chance you might see a local amateur racer make the A Main this year.

Another element that comes into play on Friday night is if you are planning on running for the overall championship, making sure you get through the first night of racing with your weekend still intact.

The overall championship is determined by points accumulated in the following classes: Nascar, LMP, GT 12, and 1/24 Eurosport. As always, check with Jim on what classes count towards the championship, this is just what I believe to be true.