Scale Series

Series Racing Starts Saturday October 19th!

Series racing begins on Saturday October 19th. New this year is the JK Indy Car that will be raced on the Twister. I did get a chance to make some laps with one of those cars a while ago and they are fun, and affordable!! Very realistic looking as well.

Updated AMCA Rules for the 2019/2020 Season are posted on the website:

Congrats to Piper Clark who made it 2 wins in a row in the Friday night Nascar amateur race! Smooth and consistent all race long!!

David Parsons is really starting to become a force in the expert group. An untimely trip to the floor exiting the sweeper ended his chance for a win. The difference in these races have come down to making 1 or 2 fewer mistakes than everybody else. I won, Dave finished second, and Rick Dodge was third this week.