Weekly Stock Car

Bill Clemans Ends 2019 With A Win!

Wins never come easy in the expert class, but Bill made it look easy this week as he dominated the race from start to finish to win by 8 laps. It seems like its been a long time since the winner of a Nascar race has won by that large of a margin. Cars are very equal, with everyone within a tenth of a second. Literally driving around the track at a good race pace, and missing accidents is what led to a 8 lap win. David Parsons finished in second ahead of Chris Alden this week.

Stat of the week: Clemans is also closing in on 100,000 laps of competition on the Twister at Pacific Slot Car Raceways. He needs about 5,000 more laps to do so, and will become the 6th driver to reach 100,000 laps. Below is a list of drivers to have already reached 100k laps.

Aaron Roed 181,551
Leonard Strand 156,078
Tim Burgess 135,255
Chris Alden 108,609
Jim Radford 102,594