Weekly Stock Car

Bill Clemans Wins Friday Night Nascar Race

A week after losing a very close race to Curtis Hardy, Bill was able to win a tight one this week. Before we go any further, congrats to Curtis on winning his first expert race back on Febuary 21st. These races are not easy to win, and he beat one of the very best to do it. Nicely done Curtis!!

This week the track was dirty, which on our track anyways means that no 2 lanes race the same, and you have to use a little more finesse to get around the track. We were randomly divided into 2 mains which is another challenge that I like. I was able to win Main #1 ahead of David Parsons. Main #2 was won by Bill Clemans who was the overall winner by about 15 feet ahead of me and David.

Several racers had very good races this week including 11 year old Piper Clark who was perfect through 4 segments, and on the same lap as Bill. Great job this week Piper!!

Maybe the best part of Friday night was seeing ol Ross Korsky come strolling through the doors. It had been 5 years since he last raced, and it showed! All joking aside, many of us remember Ross as a top level racer, and I am certain it will just take a few weeks for him to return to racing for wins like he did so many times in the past.

Friday night Nascar racing starts at 7pm every Friday night. The track is on for practice well before racing starts to dial your car in. The shop has been full of people using the rental track, and sticking around to watch the races. I would encourage anyone wanting to see what slot car racing is all about to come out to the track on a Friday night and take in a race!! The track owner is super helpful, and every racer would be happy to show off there cars and answer questions as well.