Weekly Stock Car

Clemans Gets Another Win! Piper Clark Wins Amateur Race!!

A good turnout of 11 racers this week, including 2 new racers Howard Haworth, and Dustin Edwards who both had excellent races!

Piper Clark won the amateur race this week ahead of Mike Wilson by less than one lap. Heading into the final segment, Piper was playing defense on Red lane protecting her 3 lap lead, while Mike finished up on Orange. Mike was gaining almost 3 tenths of a second on the leader per lap and definitely closing the gap until he got mixed up with another car in the lead on which ended his chance to win. Great job by both racers racing as hard as they could for the win!!

The expert race was won once again by Bill Clemans. He was challenged extremely hard by Lee Gilbert, and Leonard Strand. At 82 years old, Leonard runs everything from the Friday night Nascar class to 1/24 Eurosport. Sure he might be late to tech EVERY single time, but he is usually racing at the front in most of these races, and I have always enjoyed racing with that Turkey!!