Raceway Updates

Wiring update on the Bullring Track restoration project

After we got the first coat of pain on the track we decided it was too light and ordered a gallon of black so we could mix our own custom color to look more like asphalt. It will hopefully end up the same color as the Twister or a little lighter. You can see the light colored pain in the photo below.

While we wait for the new paint to arrive we’ve done a little work on the wiring. What you see below is the Lapmaster Timing System hardware interface and the new improved relay pigtail that allows Lapmaster to control the track power. I bought a ferule crimper so every stripped wire is getting a ferule connector. Somewhere in years past the lid to the Lapmaster system was lost or it did not come with it (we bought it used) so I took the opportunity to clean up the wiring and mount it inside a new protective box. It uses the same plugs as our other tracks so we can easily swap it out if any trouble occurs, although in 10 years of running the Lapmaster system we haven’t had a failure.