Raceway Updates

The Bullring in the Wild

We had an interesting opportunity this past weekend June 4th 2022. We were invited to bring the track to a car-show at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. in Woodinville WA hosted by the Avants car club. This was an outdoor show but the organizers (Avants) provided us with a nice shelter just in-case it decided to rain (it is Washington State afterall). We were not disappointed, the car show was great with some absolutely amazing vehicles on display.

The track was nearly 100% in use the entire time by Kids and Adults who were attending the show.

I want to thank Diane, Landen and Richard Benton for coming to the show and being booth babes and hanging out with me for the day. And also thanks to Diver Dave, Ben, Steve and Joel – the guys from Avants who did the tear down and assembly of the track (twice). And lastly thanks to Ben Abrams for the invitation to share our love for slot cars with a larger audience.

You can see pictures of the show on the Avants Facebook page, more information on Avants can be found on their website.