2012 The FlatsRace Results

2012 American Flat Track Worlds has finished

We ran 21 races in a 4 day event, 10 classes were ran and races from all around the US joined us for another epic battle of titan slot car racers. We laughed, we raced, we ate but most of all we had a great time enjoying the thing we all love – slot cars.

The racing was intense and close, and in most cases the predetermined favorite to win was not always the actual winner.

Records were set, sleep was forgotten but at the end of the day we had a great time. Its going to be a few days before we are able to get through all the results and do race reports for so many great races so we’ll give you the win list and share with you the photos we took of the event.

  • Retro Formula 1: Jim Radford
  • Retro Can-Am: Tom Hansen
  • 4″ Stock Car: Aaron Roed
  • Box Stock 12: Bob Everett
  • 1/32 GTP: Tom Hansen
  • LMP: Lee Gilbert
  • Group 10: George Russell
  • 1/32 Eurosport: George Russell
  • GT-12: Joe Lim
  • 1/24 Eurosport: George Russell (George also set a new qualifying track record)
  • Grand Champion: George Russell

We have photos here

Again Diane and I would like to thank everyone who took part in this event. We’ll see you next July for the 2013 Flats!