2013 American Flat Track Worlds July 11th – 14th

We are pleased to announce the dates and schedule for the 2013 American Flat Track Worlds

Rules will be PNW AMCA unless otherwise noted

All races will be held on the Twister Flat track

Thursday July 11th
7 PM RETRO Can-Am (IRRA Rules) ($15 Entry Fee)

Friday July 12th
7:00 PM 4″ Stock Car ($15 Entry Fee)

Saturday July 13th
10 AM JRL ($18 Entry Fee)
1/24 LMP ($18 Entry Fee)
Group 10 ($18 Entry Fee)

Sunday July 14th
*** 8AM Track will be cleaned and sprayed
10 AM 1/32 Eurosport (ES32) ($25 Entry Fee)
GT-12 ($25 Entry Fee)
1/24 Eurosport (ES24) ($25 Entry Fee)

*** Track changes will be conditional and grooming will be based on what is best for the overall event.

Those entering 5 or more classes will receive a 10% discount on Entry Fees, Preregistration required (online registration will be available 5/1 through 7/1)

There will be a 15 minute break between classes, Track Power will be ON

Plaques for participant, 1st through 3rd and Concours will be awarded

Event T-Shirts will be available for purchase

Grand Champion:
The Grand Champion will be awarded to a single racer based on a points system.
Points will be awarded based on number of entries in a class, for example of there are 25 entries in said class, the winner of the class will be awarded 25 points, second place will get 24 points, and so on down to 1 point for the last place finisher. Points will be totaled for the top 5 classes raced on Saturday/Sunday, The racer with the most points will be crowned the Grand Champion. Besides the glory, Third Eye Technologies has donated a Fetroller valued at $599 which includes the “Jetrho” upgrade package (An additional $45 value). And of course there is the cream pie!.

Sponsors for this years event:

Race Prizes and other considerations provided by: