Stock Car Racing on the Chief, Radford TQ and 1st

This week we raced our weekly stock car program on the Chief, our custom Blue King track. Everyone was excited to do something a little different.

In the “B” Main Ross Korsky took the win with 264 laps, Glenn Logan more vocal than normal took second with 254 laps, Gordon had a fast car but had some difficulties adjusting to the big banked track, I expect if we threw some wings on that thing he woulda been just fine. Madison took 4th with 246 Laps.

In the “A” Main, Jim Radford and Aaron Roed duked it out for the entire race. After the 3rd heat Jim had a 4 lap lead on the field only to be punished by some braid rolled in the donut on blue making the race dead even at the halfway point. Going into the final heat Aaron had managed a 3/4 lap lead over Jim. With the focus of a Jedi master Jim was able to take the win by 1/2 the length of the track with Dan Hodapp in 3rd, Tim Burgess the expected favorite took 4th trying to adjust to his new controller.

  • Qualifying:
  • Jim Radford 4.631
  • Aaron Roed 4.662
  • Tim Burgess 4.839
  • Dan Hodapp 4.973
  • Gordon Thomas 5.026
  • Madison Roed 5.051
  • Ross Korsky 5.082
  • Glenn Logan 5.237
  • Overall Results:
  • Jim Radford 284+ Laps, A
  • Aaron Roed 284 Laps, A
  • Ross Korsky 264 Laps, B
  • Dan Hodapp 255 Laps, A
  • Glenn Logan 254 Laps, B
  • Gordon Thomas 250 Laps, B
  • Madison Roed 246+ Laps, B
  • Tim Burgess 246 Laps, A