Buzz From The Track

In the past couple of weeks more single lap records, and distance records have fallen. Len Strand reset the LMP qualifying record at 4.03 seconds, just beating the record that Tim Blurgess held at 4.04 seconds. Len decided he wanted to show off a little and reset the distance record for GT 12, turning an amazing 373 laps. Len is 78 years young and it apperars he hasn’t quite hit the peak of his slot racing career yet!

Lee Gilbert now has the single lap record 4.49 seconds, and distance record 296 laps for the Nascar class. As everyone continues to fine tune their chassis and driving, the 300 lap barrier will come crashing down sooner rather than later.

Roman Ruiz continues to run very well in the amateur Nascar class, but is starting to get some serious pressure from the rest of the group. Look for racers Mark Nelson, Jim Nelson, Keith Bare, and Tristan Hyde to perhaps claim the top spot on the podium very soon. Newcomers Gene Caldwell, and Chris Alden continue to improve every week. This is one of the most exciting classes at PSCR. If you havent raced in a bit, and need some help tuning your car, come in early as there are many guys willing to help out.

Saturday April 4th is LMP and Group 10 racing. Already there is some chatter going around the raceway about the upcoming World Flat Track Championships held at Pacific Slot Car Raceways, which take place July 17-19. It’s a great opportunity to test your skills against racers from all over the country.