Track Records Crumble

Wednesday March 11th, the kids who participate in the weekly womp womp division were greeted with a freshly cleaned and glued track. Each kid has improved greatly as the season has progressed, and on this special night 2 long standing track records were broken.

Ashlyn Roed reset the distance record for the 9 and under group by turning 244 laps. Understanding the importance of running clean heats, and making sure she was in control of her car at all times led to this record breaking run. Ashlyn is 6 years old, and has her eye on moving up to the NASCAR class once dance classes are over in the Summer.

Tristan Hyde ran his car to the limit without crossing it on all 8 lanes. Tristan races in the 10 and over class, and ended up turning 269 laps, beating the old record by 6 laps. Not only is he really talented, but also displays great sportsmanship each week. Tristan drag races on Tuesday nights, and has a brand new NASCAR ready to go for this Friday.

Congratulations to all of the kids that participate in the womp womp class, as each of you are improving every week. This class is a fun, inexpensive way to spend time with your kids, and the great part about slot cars is that it’s an activity that both parents and kids can do together.