Alden Makes It 2 In A Row

11 racers were on hand for some great Friday night Nascar action on the Twister.
5 amateurs lined up for their main event, and Chris Alden would take command of this race right from the start. Jim Nelson applied some pressure early, but Chris was strong tonight. Jim would finish 2nd, ahead of a racer who improves each and every time she is on the track, Cora Nelson. To the best of my knowledge this was Cora’s first podium, so make sure to congratulate her the next time you see her. Looks like her crew chief has that car running well.

On to the expert group, and Tom Hansen paced the field in qualifying with a 4.59. Times were off just a bit this week, but that certainly didn’t take away from some good racing on the track.
Hansen, Bill Clemans, and Aaron Roed each took turns leading this race, with a fantastic battle between them during the fist half of the race. Each racer would however run into some trouble in the later stages, Aaron held on for the win, followed by Clemans, and Hansen.

Racing again this Friday at 7pm. Haven’t seen Lenny in a few weeks, and maybe I can harass Burgess a bit and get him out there to. Gordy should be back this week, maybe he can pick up Gene Caldwell as they both live in the Kirkland area.