Fall Warm Up Race Results

12 LMP racers started the day off with Tim Burgess setting fast time at a 4.15. The B main was up first, and Chis Alden got the early lead. Leonard Strand who is not a B main racer, but had a B main car would hold onto 2nd, and the up and coming superstar Roman Ruiz was right in the thick of it as well. Roman used good driving to wrestle the lead away from the top 2, and take the win in this race. Lenny finished 2nd, and Mark Nelson came honme 3rd. Sid Fugate raced in his first LMP race, and was good. In talking to him a bit, He really like this class.

The A main was up next, and with just a tenth separating the field, this was anyone’s race. Perhaps the most competitive LMP race in the 4 years I’ve been at the track, and there have been many tight races, this race had 4 lead changes and came down right to the end. Tom Hansen was able to edge Bill Clemans by 2 sections, with Aaron Roed coming in just a lap behind those two. Timmy would be the last to admit it, but had some bad racing luck, otherwise he would have been in the 320-322 lap range as well. Lee Gilbert may have had the fastest car, but a loose wheel got him in this one. The top 4 racers were separated by 4 laps at the end, but it was even closer than that throughout the race. Happy to hit the podium in this race, as this group of racers are the best of the best in my book. With all of us dripping with sweat from intense concentration, and adrenaline, you would have thought we had just finished some 2 on 2 basketball.

Group 10 was up next, and again Timmy was fast time at a 3.71. With 7 racers ready to go, and down a marshall, keeping your car in the slot was as important as it always is. Roman would be the winner, followed by Tom, and Leonard. Great win for Roman, as he took down some really good racers. Series racing resumes in October.