Huge Weekend Of Racing Set For November 20th,21st


On tap this weekend is 5 classes of racing spread over 2 days. It all gets started on Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar class. This class has an amateur race, and an expert race. The last 4 expert races have been decided by 1 lap or less, and came down to the final seconds of the race. With the amount of entries averaging in the mid teens, there is close racing throughout the field no matter what your skill level is.
Saturday, racing starts at 3pm. LMP has both an amateur class and expert class as well. Expect to see a few new faces in this class, as a good number of the newer Nascar guys and gals will be running as well. A Saturday afternoon LMP race is as good as it gets in the expert class. I dare you to try and pick a winner, racing is super close, and just about everyone in the field has a great shot to win! Len Strand has the track record for qualifying at a 4.03, and Burgess has the distance record somewhere in the 325 lap range.
Group 10 is up next, and again there will be a few new faces in this class. Jim Radford has a fast Group 10, and while Bill Clemans may not show up with the fastest car, you can count on him racing his way to the front not only in this class, but any race he enters for that matter.
We transition to the faster cars now, and start off with GT 12. Jimmy took us all to the woodshed in the series opener back in October, but expect guys like Tim Burgess, and both the Everetts to give him all he can handle.
1/24 ES will end the night. The Everett’s are on a massive roll since early Spring, with Bob picking up the win in October. Look for Jim and Lee to be challenging for the win as well, and Ian Guy will be racing, looking to build on his near podium finish back in June.
I would encourage all racers to stick around and check out GT 12, and Eurosport racing, even if it’s just for a little while. If you would like to make some laps with a GT 12 car prior to racing, I would be more than happy to let you try it out!