He’s Baaaaack!!

11 racers were at the track for the Friday night Nascar race. Entries were down quite a bit this week, so the amateur and expert class ran together. New to the class this week was Doug Yarbrough who had a very impressive 6th place finish, but was on the same lap as the 4th place finisher. Leo Koenig made his second start, and used to race at the West Seattle Raceway he said. Ryan Guiher is another new racer in the last month, and passes my unofficial eyeball test as someone who will be competing for podiums in the near future.
Bill Clemans was back after a few weeks away from the track, and laid the smackdown on his fellow racers. Dale Olive, and Chris Alden kept it somewhat close at the beginning, but Bill put the race away in the last half of the event. The King has finished in the second spot now 2 weeks in a row, and could be poised to win one of these races at any given time, as he is one of the most talented racers at the track. Amapert Chris Alden finished third, and has shown that he can run with anybody in this class.

Saturday January 16th is a series race. Now is the time to start sorting your stuff out for the upcoming USRA Division ll National Championship races held in April at PSCR. Pre registration is now open and can be found on the tracks Facebook page. It does not cost any money to pre register, and is not binding, it just gives Jim an idea of how many people are coming and how many steak dinners he needs to have prepared for us. (Okay not sure about the steak dinners part). Already registered are local racers Bill Clemans, Leonard Strand, and Aaron Roed. Top racers from around the world are signed up as well including Lee Gilbert, Jim Radford, Matt Bruce, and teenage superstar Justin Colvin among others.