Saturday Series Race Recap

Though not officially part of the series, the Nascar race the night before is a good way to kick off the weekend. 15 racers were at the raceway, and this race for the second week in a row was contested on the Hillclimb.
Ryan Guiher took the win in the amateur class by a large margin, Chris Alden was second, and Shawn Hutchings was third. In the expert class, Rick Dodge was the winner, Tom Hanson was second, and I was third just a half lap behind Tom.

Saturday we all eagerly anticipated racing on the refurbished Twister. Taking to the track first was the amateur LMP group. This race had a full field of 8 racers, and Chris Alden found his way back to the top of the podium. Ryan finished 2nd after breaking a guide. Fortunately it was at the end of a segment and he did not lose too much time. Shawn was 3rd, and was turning the fastest laps of the race.
A 11 man round robin was run for expert LMP, and Hansen would walk away with this one. Radford was 2nd, and I was a distant 3rd. Usually these races are really tight, but not so much this month!

Group 10 had 15 entries, and Jim Radford got lucky again and won the race. Jeff Sweeney 2nd, and Leonard Strand 3rd. Mark Nelson was really good in this race and finished 4th.

GT12 was won from the b main this time. Tim Burgess who usually doesn’t find himself in the B was consistent all race long, and was turning some fast laps. I was second just a lap behind Timmy, and Clemans was third. This race had 12 entries including Doug Yarbrough making his first start. There were 2 Saunders, and 2 Red fox chassis in the top 4.

1/24 ES was the best race of the day in my book. I believe there were 13 entries, and racing was very clean, especially the A main. Jim Radford won the race, I was second (never been so satisfied with a second) and Rick Linn was 3rd, just beating out Bob Everett. Positions 1-4 were very close all race long, and confidence is high for many heading into the Nats April 18-23rd.

The Nascar group is back at it this Friday night at 7pm. It will be fun to run these cars on the twister after a few weeks away.