Jim Nelson Back On Top

13 racers were at the track this past Friday night, down just a little due to it being Easter weekend and the fact the sun was out for the first time since last October.
7 amateurs lined up for their main, and Chris Alden got the early lead. He would have lots of company, as Ryan Guiher, Keith Bare, and Jim Nelson were right there with him, just separated by 5 laps halfway through the the race. Jim Nelson would take over the top spot at the end of 5, and not look back in taking the win. Ryan, and Chris rounded out the top 3. It was great to see Jim get a win, he is at the track racing every week. Jim also volunteers a lot of his time by marshaling classes he is not racing in, just to help out his fellow racers. Look for Jim and his familiar Yellow Nascar to continue to run for podium finishes each and every week! It also should be noted that this week Jim also had the highest actual/potential percentage at 93.7%.

6 expert racers were in action this week. I was TQ at a 4.53. Racing was close as it always is in this class, Tom Hanson, Jim Radford, and myself all took turns leading the race, with all 3 racers leading at least 2 segments. Halfway through the top 3 were separated by 3 laps, and the battle was on from there! I was able to hold on for the win, Jimmy finished second, and Tom was third. There was a really good race for the fourth position between Dale Olive, and Bill Clemans. Both of these guys are more than capable of winning each time they have a controller in their hands, this week Dale was able to secure the fourth spot.

Racing resumes this Friday night at 7 with the Nascar group.