Keith Bare Picks Up His First Win!!!

10 racers were at the track this past Friday night, and both the amateur, and expert class had 5 racers apiece.
Keith Bare would only trail in this race during the first segment. Chris Alden kept the pressure on until the 7th segment when Keith stretched his lead to 6 laps with just one segment to go. Ryan Guiher looked like he had a little trouble in a few segments and would finish a distant third. Congrats to Keith on the big win! Keith has put a lot of time in at the raceway, and had many races where he was great for some, or most of the race. This week he was on it the entire race, and was rewarded with the win.

The ageless Lenny Strand would take it to the kids in qualifying with a fast time of 4.77. With just 11 laps separating the field at the end, Jim Radford was the winner this week. Bill Clemans was able to keep it within a lap or 2 the entire race, but would have to settle for second. There was a great race for third between Lenny, and Fred Klinger. Len would take third by just one lap. Oh yeah, Mark Nelson was racing to.

Racing resumes this Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar group.