Jim Nelson Back On Top

12 racers were at the raceway this past Friday night for the weekly stock car races.
5 amateurs lined up for there main, and Jim Nelson jumped out to an early lead. Cora Nelson, and Keith Bare kept it close throughout, but Jim was able to pick up the win. Cora continues to improve, her crew chief is FINALLY giving her something she can work with. Leo did a rebuild on his car and looks to contend for a podium in the near future. I even saw a third Guiher making some laps during practice!

7 racers made up the expert race, and 3 different guys had times of 4.63 in qualifying, sadly I was not one of them. Lee had a better back up time and was TQ ahead of Fred Klinger, and Tim Burgess.
Timmy was the early leader, as pre race favorite Lee Gilbert seemed to find trouble in every lane he raced in. Tim was able to maintain a 1 lap lead over second place until he reached Purple lane in the fifth segment. The braid was up just enough to upset his car, and he lost the lead and perhaps the race. I was able to inherit the lead and take the win. Lee finished second, and Leonard came back from last place at one point to finish third.

Enduro teams are forming, and there are still spots open for 3 teams (as of Friday night). All 3 tracks will be utilized, and the event will last 6 hours. There are no ” super teams” i.e. Bill Clemens, Tom Hansen, Jim Radford teams. It seems every team will have a good chance to win. This will be on Saturday, August 20th at noon.