Past, Present, and Future

Your unofficial pit reporter has been slackin lately, but I intend to do reports on a weekly basis like they should be done.
Friday nights have been filled with the weekly stock car races. As of late in the amateur class Ryan Guiher, and Gene Caldwell have been at or near the top. Gene makes smooth look easy and picked up the win last week. Keith Bare has also won in recent memory. The expert class has been filled with multiple winners in recent weeks including Doug Yarbrough getting his first win a few weeks ago. Tom picked up the win this past Friday in convincing fashion! Tim Burgess continues to finish in the top half of the field and is due for a win shortly.

With the Flats just a few weeks away, July 22-24, now is the time to be getting everything ready for this event. Last year the Stock Car race on Friday night counted towards the overall championship, as always check with Jim, but you non Friday night guys might want to look into this if you are planning on going for the overall championship.

There are still openings for 3 teams for the upcoming enduro that takes place in August. A couple guys that have been away from slot cars for one reason or another are coming back to race this event. These are 3 person teams, with a maximum of 8 teams. Some inside info if any of you are looking to join a team, Bill Clemans has not signed up yet, that would be an excellent choice for a teammate, just sayin’