A Look Back In Time

As we are rapidly approaching the annual American Flat Track Worlds happening at PSCR July 22-24, and because I’m a bit of a history nerd, I thought it might be fun to dig up the results of the flats from 2011 just for something a little different.

Friday night started the weekend off with wing cars on the King track. Box Stock 12 was the class of choice and drew 11 entries. Chris Everett was the winner, followed by Gary Johnson, and Yakima Phil. Group 27 lite was also scheduled, but I could not find results from that race.

Saturday consisted of 3 classes. 1/32 GTP on the Bullring, LMP and Group 10 on the Twister. There were 3 mains in each class.
Eli Pile ( who will be back this Friday from Penn. ) won concours, and Shawn Sweeney was TQ in 1/32 GTP
Top 3 overall finishers in 1/32 GTP were
1.Shawn Sweeney
2. The King Dale Olive
3. Kevin Kosir
LMP had 25 entries. Concours went to Nick Carbone, and this Shawn Sweeney guy was again TQ at a 4.28
Top 3 overall finishers were
1.Bill Clemans 305 laps
2. Yakima Phil 303 laps
3. Kevin Kosir 300 laps
Group 10 had 22 entries. Concours went to Bill Clemans, and Gary Johnson was TQ at a 3.80
Top 3 overall finishers were
1. Yakima Phil 327 laps
2. Bill Clemans 320 laps
3. Gary Johnson 315 laps
Notice the amount of laps it took to win a Group 10 race 5 years ago. It could have been a messy race, but 327 laps is right about what it’s going to take to win this years LMP race!

Onto Sunday which featured GT 12, and 1/24 ES
The GT 12 race had 21 entries with Lenny Strand winning concours, and Kevin Kosir posting the top time in qualifying at a 3.61.
Top 3 overall finishers were
1. Gary Johnson 322 laps
2. Jay Mac 321 laps
3. Dub Wade 318 laps
In looking at the lap totals, I can almost guarantee this was a demo derby!
1/24 ES had 18 entries, concours went to Vance Oathout, and TQ was Alicia Gilbert at a 3.12. Alicia is Lee’s daughter and is/was a really good racer.
Top 3 overall finishers were
1. Bad Brad Hoyt 612 laps
2. Alicia Gilbert 598 laps
3. Len Strand 598 laps

The overall champion of the event was none other than Yakima Phil from???? you guessed it Yakima Wa ” The Palm Springs Of Washington”, coming in a close second was Gary Johnson.
This is my favorite event that is held at the raceway. It is extra special to win a race at the Flats, but consistency in every class goes a long way in finishing near the top for the for the overall championship. Though not official, I am almost certain the person with the most points accumulated in the 5 out of 7 classes with the most entries is the overall champion. For that persons efforts, they are rewarded with a delicious pie in the face!