Flats Recap!

Day one had stock cars on the Twister Friday evening. 16 entries made up two full main events. I was TQ ( say waaaaaaaat) at a 4.57. Gordy Thomas won the B main as he led pretty much the entire race. The A main had some really good racing between myself and Tom. Doug kept himself close, but Tom was the winner in this race. I was second, Doug Yarbrough was third, fourth went to Fred Klinger, and fifth was Bill Clemans.

Day Two ( also known as Jim Radford day at the raceway) we raced LMP, Gp 10, and JRL.
Jimmy timed in at a 4.08 in LMP, easily setting top time over my 4.20. The rest of the A main was separated by less than a tenth. Jim took the win by a lap, I was second, and Tim Burgess was third.

Gp 10 was up next, and I was TQ at a 3.76. Doug Yarbrough and Jim had a great battle for the lead, with Doug losing the lead with less than 20 seconds to go in the race. Totally not Doug’s fault as he had a car come out right in front of him. Jimmy won, Doug second, and I was third.

JRL was the final race of the day. I was TQ at a 4.34, which is indeed a new track record. For me, much didn’t go well after that as I over drove the car at times and met some walls. Rick Dodge was running really well and leading the race until he spun a pinion. Radford was there to take advantage and win the race. I finished second, and Herman James was third.

Day Three 1/32 ES, GT12, 1/24 ES

1/32 ES got going with 10 entries. Jim set a distance record with 442 laps. I was second, and Doug Yarbrough was Third.

GT 12 was up next. Jimmy was TQ at a 3.52, and went on to win the race. I again was Second, and Rick Dodge finished Third.

Now for the main event, 1/24 ES. Lee Gilbert used Herman’s car and set fast time in qualifying at a 3.14. Everybody was pretty close on speed, and that made for some really good racing in the first half of the event. Things got dicey out there in the last half of the race, but Rick Dodge, and Jim were able to keep their cars clean. Going into the last segment Rick had a 4 lap lead on Jim, however Rick had to finish on Red, and Jim on Yellow. This late in the race, everyone was trying to get everything they could, people were in their own battles for position. Well, for the second, and fourth place finishers of the race, that was not a good mesh! Rick interrupted the amazing streak that Jim was on and won the race. Jim had won every race he entered up until this point. Jim did finish second and that is almost as good as first :). Joe Lim took the final podium spot. Clearly Jimmy was the best driver over the course of the weekend as 5 wins in 6 starts is not too shabby!

Racing this Friday on the Twister at 7pm with the stock car group.