The Fastest Car Doesn’t Always Win!

It was another night of Nascar racing on the Twister this past Friday night. Not only were folks there for the Nascar race, but I saw multiple teams testing for the enduro happening on August 20th. Speaking of the enduro, I think all 8 teams are filled, but there is a waiting list.

The amateur race was exciting as always! Some great racing, a fair number of crashes and a good example of how good driving can net you a win. Ryan Guiher and Gene Caldwell would swap the lead a couple of times, but it was Gene’s ability to stay out of trouble that got him the win in this one. Ryan finished second, and Jim Nelson was third.

Fred Klinger set fast time this week in the expert group at a 4.65 in qualifying. As soon as Fred starts to believe as much as I do that he is going to win one of these races, he could go on a long winning streak. Timmy led the first two segments, but I was able to take the lead in the third segment and go onto win the race. Timmy drove a little better than I did, but I had a car that was somewhat faster and that was the difference. Taking the final podium spot was Fred Klinger. Mark Nelson, and Gordy Thomas rounded out the top 5.