Enduro this Weekend!

The race that a lot of us have been looking forward to is this Saturday’s enduro starting at 1pm. Motors will be distributed starting at 10am on Saturday.

A full field of 8 teams of 3 have signed up, and there is even a small waiting list. Team racing seems to excite many people, now if there was only a class for team racing that we could add to our monthly race program (cough, cough).

What makes this race unique is that teams are matched pretty evenly. There are no dream teams, and there are no teams full of beginners. Every team has good chance of coming in second place to our team! It’s official, I’ve thrown the first stone!

Don’t forget, we are also racing this Friday night with the Nascar class. Last week we all saw Roman Ruiz break the distance record for the amateur group. Then the show off almost went on to win the expert race. Fred Klinger who set fast time in qualifying was very much in the thick of things, until a string from a rag used to clean the track wrapped itself around his axle. Look for both of these guys to be challenging for the win again this week.

Racing starts at 7pm on Friday, and Saturday at 1pm (motors at 10am)