Results From Saturday’s Enduro

For the first time in a couple years we ran a 6 hour enduro, 4 hours on the Bullring and 2 hours on the Twister. There was a lot of buzz about this race in the weeks leading up to it, and everyone I talked to really enjoyed this type of racing.

Teams were pretty evenly matched, and that made for some good racing on the track. Our team of Bowes/Burgess/myself all had quite a few laps on the Bullring from races in the past, and that enabled us to separate ourselves from the pack a bit. It also didn’t hurt that our car was bad fast thanks to Timmy. Also in contention at the end of 4 hours on the Bullring were the teams on Yarbrough/Bishop/Roberts, along with the Alden Bros/Strand. Every team fought through a little adversity during the first 4 hours.

As racing shifted to the Twister for the final 2 hours, we decided to make a pit stop at the start of racing for a set of smaller tires and to give the car a little love. The Yarbrough/Bishop/Roberts team ran really well on the Twister as did many of the other teams. Caldwell/Ruiz/Koenig really came alive, as did Nelson/Nelson/Radford. The Twister was really challenging with these cars that weighed 115 grams. You really had to drive these cars. Yarbrough/Bishop/Roberts won the Twister segment, and there were only 8 laps separating the top 3 teams.

Overall Results                                         Total Laps
1st Bowes/Burgess/Roed                           4,722
2nd Yarbrough/Bishop/Roberts                   4,529
3rd Alden Bros./Strand                                4,524
4th Sweeney/Olive/J. Nelson                      4,344                                                                    5th Radford/C.Nelson/M.Nelson                4,289                                                                     6th Ruiz/Caldwell/Koenig                            3,840