Ruiz Wins His First Expert Race!

As Summer comes to an end and a few more racers trickle back in every week, 11 racers treated themselves to some great Friday night Nascar action.

The amateur group had 5 entries this week, and Ryan Guiher would pretty much dominate this race on his way to setting a new distance record. I wasn’t there, but it is hard to believe that anyone in the amateur group has gone 286 laps, so I’m just going to call it a new distance record. Gene Caldwell was on his game as well, again having the highest Actual/Potential percentage of the race, but it’s pretty hard to win the race when the guy ahead of you is 3 tenths faster and running a very solid race. Gene puts a lot of effort into running clean, now he has to push even harder but still maintain his ability to keep the car on the track. Jim Nelson finished with a solid third place run, as his lap totals keep creeping higher and higher.

The expert group had 7 entries including Ryan who made a wise decision to try his luck with this group tonight.
Ryan jumped out to an early lead on Orange lane, but it wouldn’t last long as Friday night legend Dale Olive led segments 2-5. Roman was charging hard through the field from dead last to drive around the King and take the lead in the 6th segment. From there is was smooth sailing for the Wednesday night kids Womp Womp graduate as he would extend his lead to 6 laps at the end of the race. Ryan and Dale had a good battle for second, both finishing on the same lap, but Dale would hold onto that spot. Keep in mind Roman led for 23 minutes and 15 seconds the week before, so this kid is legit!

Racing resumes this Friday night at 7pm. Maybe were in for another first time winner as Fred Klinger is my pick to climb to the top of the podium very very soon.