Friday Night Race Results

14 racers took part in this week’s Friday night Nascar race.
Picking up his first win was Dick Pitigliano! Using a Speedshop built car, with a cool Italian flag paint scheme by Tim Burgess, I am sure he looked mighty fine on top of the podium. Coming in a close second was Fonn Guiher, and third went to Jim Nelson, who looked like he might have had a little trouble on Purple lane. 2 new racers joined this class tonight, Warren, and Rory Friel. Warren had the highest actual/potential % for this class. That is a great first step to running upfront.

The expert class had 9 racers, including Dale Olive who came out of hibernation for the night. Dale had the highest actual/potential % for the race, but he had no other option as he was REALLY slow!!
Lee won the race ahead of Burgess, and Len Strand. The target is squarely(not sure if that is a word) on Lee’s back, as he has won 2 or 3 of these races in a row.
All joking aside, glad to see Dale back at the track. He has won a ton of Friday night races, and when he is not on his phone he always has a fun story to tell.