Weekend Wrap Up

If you ran all 5 classes this weekend, you ran close to 2,000 competitive laps! On track racing activities started Friday night with the Nascar group. 14 racers were in the building.
Jim Nelson would continue his winning ways in the amateur class, as he continues to fine tune his driving and building skills for an eventual move up to the expert class. Dick ran second in this race, and crowd favorite Piper Clark was third.
The experts had 11 racers, Timmy was the eventual winner, but Leonard Strand kept the heat on the entire race.

Saturday started with LMP’s. The race featured cars slamming into the roll up door, and one guy split his spur gear in half, with splinters of wood from the bathroom wall embedded into the gear. Rick Dodge tied the distance record, and picked up the victory.

Group 10- I was able to win the race ahead of Chris Alden. Not nearly as much crashing in this one.

GT12- With limited turn marshals the guys ran super clean up until the last segment. Hard racing, and perhaps a little payback provided an eventful final heat. Rick was the winner, but may need a new body for the next race.

1/24 ES- 6 racers made the start, including a sleep deprived Jeff Sweeney. In what was perhaps the most competitive race of the day, Rick won AGAIN by 5 laps over me. The race was pretty clean, and the leaders set a quick pace. Tire wear seemed to be more of an issue this month for some reason.

Racing resumes this Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar class.