Another Close Finish!

14 racers made it in for the Friday night Nascar race.
The amateur group lined up 6 determined racers for their main. Jim Nelson bounced back from a poor run the week before and took the win. Eli continues to make some strong runs, but had to settle for second place. Third place went to 9 year old Piper Clark, who by the way had the highest actual/potential % of the race. Way to go Piper!! Seems she has figured out that consistency is her strategy to working her way to the front of the pack.

The expert group had 8 racers. Tim, Len, Lee, and myself all took turns leading this race. Timmy found trouble mid way through, and a badly damaged body took him out of contention. Coming into the final heat, Lee and myself were on the same lap. I was headed to Orange, and Lee to White. Advantage me! Well, the old man ripped off some really fast laps on White, made no mistakes, and held on to win by half a lap.

The last 2 expert races have had a combined margin of victory of half a lap, and Lee Gilbert has won them both. Do yourself a favor and come in on Friday night for some fun, and competitive slot car racing. Racing starts every Friday night at 7pm.