Full Weekend Of Racing

Friday night kicked off 5 classes of slot car racing that was run this past weekend. 14 racers were there for Nascar night.
The amateur division has really tightened up in the last month. Eli, Dick, and Crazy J have had themselves some really close races, and this week was no exception. Coming into the final segment, Jim and Dick were tied for the lead, with Eli 3 laps back and headed to Black. The 2 leaders got to racing each other and forgot all about ol’ Eli who snuck in there at the end to take the win. Jim and Dick finished side by side for second and third place. Way to go Eli!

The expert race was dominated by Tim Burgess from start to finish, although me and Clemans had a good race for second, we had nothing for Timmy this week. That was that.

Saturday virtually everybody was back for 4 classes of racing.

LMP was really close, with 3 laps separating the top 3. Bill Clemans won the race, I was second, and Doug Yarbrough was 3rd. Atta boy to Jim Nelson who is an amateur, but finished 4th overall and set a personal distance record.

Group 10 had 3 racers separated by just 3 laps at the end. I won the race ahead of Clemans and Doug Yarbrough. Chris Alden was TQ.

GT12 was a wreckfest. Clemens won the race, I finished 2nd, and Lenny Strand was 3rd. 7 racers qualified within a tenth of each other, and nobody was really all that fast this month

1/24 ES was won by me. Timmy finished 2nd, and Len in 3rd place. We had 7 racers including Doug with a new car. Even Ian Guy made it out for this race. It certainly was fun racing with Ian again.

*Special thanks to Jim Nelson who volunteers his time each month to turn marshall for us after his LMP race. Clemans, and Fonn Guiher also helped with the Euro race as well.