Weekly Racing News June 22nd

The final series race was held on June 17th. Congrats to the winners of each class.
Jim Alden      Lmp
Yakima Phil  Group 10
Tim Burgess GT12, and a new track record at 3.38 (maybe that’s enough incentive to pry Bob Everett away from Soap Box Derby Cars)
Jim Radford 1/24 ES (from the b main)

The flats are 3 short weeks away! If you are not familiar with this event, it is a 3 day race weekend, Fri-Sun, and we race 7 different classes of cars. Points are accumulated from the 5 classes that have the most entries, and the overall champion receives a pie from Costco in their face, along with some high fives from fellow competitors. This event is being held July 14-16th.

This race usually draws racers from up and down the west coast. I have heard 2016 1/24 ES national champion Rick Linn will be racing, along with Herman James who is always up front. Last years winner of the 1/24 ES race at the flats Rick Dodge, and Third Eye Technology owner Howard Smith have also been rumored to make this race.

Below, Dick has written a piece about the amateur Nascar race that was run last Friday night. My contribution is this: Tim Burgess kicked our butts in the expert race… the end!

Aaron has decided to let me cover the amateur class on occasion; it helps ease the pain of being a constant “also ran” in that class. This sport is not nearly as easy as lots of folks think. It takes lots of practice to be competitive, but its loads of fun.. So if you think you got the stuff, come on down Friday nights and check it out.
This week was not much different than most with “The Amateur King “Jim, posting another big win.
It seems the only way we might beat him is if he doesn’t show up. This week he dang near didn’t. He started off with his usual four to six lap lead going onto the fourth heat. All of a sudden he had a brain fade and hooked up to the wrong lane in heat five. That gave the rest of us a chance to make up some very valuable laps. Dick was able to get within one lap before Jim got it all figured out, and once again a smile formed on Dicks face.
Rory had some bad luck and was forced out. That’s a shame because he is beginning to move up on the lap count a few laps a week. He is coming, and coming hard. He is scaring me a little bit.
That left “The King”, Dick and Warren to duke it out for the finish. Dicks smile faded as he watched a now angry Jim drive with a renewed Passion. In the end Dick once again let the red lane bring him down with a few missed turns, and he only posted 263 laps. Warren managed 237 and continues to move up the lap ladder along with Rory. “The King “somehow managed 268 laps for the win. And that’s missing a third of the fourth heat. Final results:
Jim—-268 laps
Dick—263 laps
Warren 237 laps
Rory—120 laps