Looking Back At The 2013 Flats!

The annual American Flat Track Worlds is exactly one week away. Racing begins on Friday night July 14th at 7pm with the Nascar class. We then come back for racing on both Saturday and Sunday.

Each year I like to go back 5 years and post results from the Flats. I could not find the results from 2012, so I will skip ahead a year and take a look at 2013.

A Retro race broke out Thursday night on the Bullring. Though not part of the flats schedule, 13 racers entered this race.
Dustyn Wade (ID) was TQ at a 4.89
1. Tom Hansen
2. Dale Olive
3. Dustyn Wade (Id)
4. Aaron Roed
5. Justin Colvin (Ca)

Friday night we moved to the Twister for some Nascar racing.
24 entries
Jim Radford TQ 4.65
1. Jim Radford
2. Justin Colvin (Ca)
3. Aaron Roed
4. Jay Herrod (Ca)
5. Dale Olive

Saturday got under way with the JRL class up first.
18 entries
Jim Radford TQ 4.39
1. Jim Radford
2. Yakima Phil
3. Herman James (Ca)
4. Aaron Roed
5. Fred Hood (Ca)

Next up was LMP
30 entries
Jim Radford TQ 4.13
1. Bill Clemans (won by 15 laps)
2. Tom Hansen
3. Aaron Roed
4. Shawn Sweeney
5. Yakima Phil

Group 10 was the last class run for the day.
26 entries
Lee Gilbert TQ 3.72
1. Jim Radford
2. Aaron Roed
3. Jay Herrod (Ca)
4. Gary Johnson
5. Lee Gilbert

Sunday started with 1/32 ES
10 entries
Justin Colvin (Ca) TQ 4.01
1. Justin Colvin (Ca)
2. George Russell (Ca)
3. Dan Sullivan
4. Herman James (Ca)
5. Todd Flammer

GT 12 was up next
24 entries
Dale Olive TQ 3.48
1. George Russell (Ca)
2. Jim Radford
3. Yakima Phil
4. Chris Everett
5. Gary Johnson

The last race of the weekend was 1/24 ES
19 entries
George Russell (Ca) TQ 3.09 track record to this day!
1. George Russell (Ca)
2. Aaron Roed
3. Len Strand
4. Jim Radford
5. Dan Sullivan

Not to sound like a schmuck, but I was the overall champion of the 2013 Flats in a tight battle with Radford. A brand new 3rd eye Fet 2 controller was generously given to the winner by Howard Smith, owner of 3rd Eye. It is the controller I use every week for every class I run!!

I am looking forward to the 2017 flats. I hope you can make it!!