Leonard Strand Wins On Friday Night

11 racers made it out to the track this past Friday night. Racing got underway with the amateur group as 5 racers lined up for their main. New racer David Parsons won the race by 10 laps ahead of Fonn Guiher. Another newcomer, Steven Daskam finished in the third position. David and his son take turns with driving duties from week to week. Both of them do a really good job of staying out of wrecks, and driving within their current limits.

The expert class had 6 racers this week. 3 different racers led at different times during the race. The last 4 segments belonged to Leonard Strand, as he out drove all of us and won the race. Congrats Lenny on a well earned victory! I finished in the 2nd spot, and Timmy was third. The 3 of us finished within two laps of each other.
There is a lot of parity right now in the expert class, there have been 4 different winners in the last 4 weeks.

Series racing gets going again on Saturday October 21st at 1pm. There is only 1 rule change and that is in the LMP class. We will begin using the Proslot PS4002FK motor. This is the same motor we use in the Friday night Nascar class. I have an extra LMP car if anybody wants to try out some LMP racing.