Slot Car Racing News October 5th

Series racing begins Saturday October 21st. There was some talk about a few rule changes. As always, its best to call the shop to get full clarity on any changes.

In the Nascar class on Friday night, Keith Bare walked away from the field in the amateur class, winning by 8 laps. Fonn Guiher finished 2nd, and Dick grabbed the last podium spot in third place.

Again, another close race in the expert class. Tim Burgess was able to hang right with Jim Radford most of the race. When it mattered the most, Jimmy was able to gap Timmy a bit in the final segment, winning by a comfortable 2 lap advantage. Finishing a strong 3rd was Leonard Strand, who seems to find himself on the podium each and every week. It looks like Lee’s race ended abruptly in the middle stages of the event.

Racing continues this Friday night at 7pm with the Nascar class.