What A Finish!!

Both the amateur race and the expert race came down to the last seconds of the race. I am still not quite sure who won the amateur race, but what I do know is that both racers involved in the fight to the finish had a great time afterwards discussing their race, and having a lot of laughs in doing so. Congratulations Keith and Dick on an amazing race. It was fun to watch both of you trade the lead multiple times during the race.
There was a new racer in the class tonight, and my sub par journalism skills have led me to forget his name, but he was really strong for being a beginner. You can just tell that he already “gets it”.

The expert race was decided by about 6 ft. between myself and Lee Gilbert. Both of us finished up on lanes that we enjoy running. I was on Black, and Lee on White. Though I would never admit it to Lee, I felt the heat the entire segment. Fortunately for me, I was able to hold on for the win. Lee was second, and Leonard Strand was close the whole race finishing in 3rd position.

The track was loose, and lap totals reflected that by being down 3-4 laps from where they usually are. In the last 2-3 months we have switched motors. This has led to some really tight racing as each Pro Slot sealed motor is really close speed wise.