Racing News December 21st.

A big weekend of racing began Friday night with the Nascar class. 14 racers signed up for racing, 5 in the amateur class, and 9 experts.

David Parsons, and Jim Nelson separated themselves from the rest of the field in the early stages of the race. A couple of things I have noticed with Jim lately is that he races with a lot of confidence, and doesn’t at any point of the race count himself out of contention for the win. With the race winding down Jim was able to drive around David at the end and take the win. David finished in second after having a very solid race. Both David and his son Christian do very,very well considering they are the newbies of the group. Finishing in third spot was Robert Hanlan who didn’t have much “racing luck” out there.

The expert class ran a 9 man round robin. Lee Gilbert, and Tim Burgess would swap the lead 3 times in the race, with Lee coming out ahead in the end. Timmy held on to the second spot ahead of Tom Hansen. As always, it’s great to have a full field of racers, it adds so many variables into the race.

Saturday we ran Lmp, Group 10, Gt12, and 1/24 Eurosport. Congrats to the winners in each class.
Lee Gilbert LMP
Jim Alden Group 10
Tim Burgess GT12
Len Strand Eurosport