Series Racing This Weekend!

Series racing is this Saturday at 1pm. I have heard of a couple new racers preparing for the LMP race. Lee has been the one to beat in this class as of late, but he will be pushed hard for the win by the rest of us.

In the Group 10 class, Jim Alden was upset by me last month. I would expect him to be fast again this month, and Chris Alden always has a really good car for this class. Robert Hanlen is just getting started in with this group, and does a fine job out there.

GT 12 is a class that Tim Burgess usually does well in. Jeff Sweeney has done really well to. Look for both these guys to be contending for the win!

1/24 ES looks to be a battle again this month. I know Leonard Strand has been hard at work trying to find a little more speed out of his car. I saw him practicing this week, and I think he has found the speed!!

Start your racing weekend Friday night with the Nascar group. Timmy won the last race in the expert class. The amateur race winner was Frank Robertson, who was followed by Nate, who had his best finish of his short slot car racing career. Racing starts at 7pm.