Aaron Roed Demolishes the Expert Stock Car Division by 5 Laps

Proving he is the man to beat Aaron Roed took the win by 5 laps over Lee Gilbert who finished in 2nd place. Jim Alden took up the third podium position. Leonard Strand again promises he is going to win next week.

Race Report by Aaron Roed:
The expert stock car race finished off the night with 7 racers ready to take on the challenges of the Twister. Close racing this week saw 4 racers separated by just four laps at the halfway point in the race. One of those guys fighting for the lead most of the race was Jim Alden who ran an excellent race this week.

As the race wound down I entered the final segment leading Lee Gilbert by just over a lap. I finished my race on Blue, while Lee had to deal with Red. Lee found a few wrecks, and I was able stay clean which allowed me to win the race. Lee finished second, and Jim Alden was third.

Mark Nelson had another solid week, just missing out on a 4th place finish.

Series racing begins on October 20th. A new class has been announced in place of Group 10. Rules for this class have been posted on the website.

Expert Podium September 29, 2018
L-R: Lee Gilbert 2nd, Aaron Roed 1st, Jim Alden 3rd

Full Race Results here