Weekly Stock Car

Close Finish In Expert Nascar Class

9 racers this week in the expert class. This week we had 5 lead changes among 4 drivers!

In order to win one of these races, you really have to limit your mistakes. I strongly believe that you cannot be out of the slot for any reason more than 3 times. I figure if you can accomplish that, you have done what you can to win the race.

Lee Gilbert puts together some really good races, and this week was no exception as he went on to win by a straightaway over me. Jim Alden finished in third, just a lap behind us.

This upcoming Friday, track conditions should be favorable again for a run at 300 laps. Bill Clemans is my pick to be the one who meets, or exceeds the 300 lap mark. You’ll have to look awfully hard to find a better racer than Bill in my opinion.