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Advanced Statistics for Lapmaster

If I were to ask “which local racer do you think has the highest win percentage across all classes and all tracks we race on?” Most would probably guess Jim Radford or Aaron Roed. That guess as reasonable as it is would be incorrect as that title actually goes to Madison Roed. Madison doesn’t race very often anymore but there was a several year period she plain tore it up on the track. Her win average, currently 37% nearly tops that of National and World Champion Paul Gawronski‘s average of 38%. The fact she did it over hundreds of races to Paul’s dozen or so is a testament to her natural ability.

Who has the most laps you might wonder? The obvious answer is it would be me, the track owner due to the fact I’m at the raceway more than everyone else right? Again you would be mistaken, Aaron Roed, Leonard Strand, and Tim Burgess all have 50,000 or more race laps on the track than I do.

Our timing system Lapmaster has been keeping track of results and some basic race statistics since 2012 when we replaced it on all our tracks. After each race it publishes those results to our website. These are some of the most trafficked pages on our site. This system is simple and has been working great for many years.

We’ve complemented the results system with additional statistics by adding Driver and Class statistics to our results. For drivers we now have laps raced, win %, podium % and DNF %, for Classes we have entry stats and even *record numbers all gleaned from the data Lapmaster provides.

So if you haven’t seen them yet or are curious head on over to our results pages at https://www.pacificslotcarraceways.com/lapmaster/ and look around.

We’ll be working on additional statistics and providing as much useful information as we can. Let us know if there is something you would like to see.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of these upgrades!