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Weekend Race Report

Nate Serdahl started off the long weekend of racing Friday night by resetting the distance record in the amateur Nascar class with 288 laps! Congrats on your new track record Nate!! This was the second record to be broken in recent weeks as Jim Radford set a new fast time in qualifying a few weeks ago, timing in at a 4.385

2 races over the weekend were won by less than six feet, including the 1/24 Eurosport race that was won by the second place car coasting past the first place car as the race ended!!

In addition to the weekly Friday night Nascar racing, the next series race happens to be the biggest race of the year, The Flat Track Worlds happening July 26-28. Now is the time to start getting cars ready for this race! If it has been a little while since you’ve been to the track and need some help getting your cars up to speed, there are many guys willing to help out in anyway that they can.